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Dr. J with cornrows? This artist reimagined NBA legends with modern hairdos

August 01, 2017

From undercuts to flattops, frosted tips to top knots, the NBA's follicle landscape has never been crazier. The Association hasn't always been known for it's salon-approved locks, however, with the Spalding-domed likes of Kareem, MJ, Kobe, and LeBron all preferring to simply Bic it and ball. Thanks to designer Tyson Beck's new series "Old Faces, Fresh Cuts", though, we finally get a chance to see what some of the all-time NBA legends would have looked like in an era where Instagram likes are just as important as rebounds. Check it out:

Beyond Kobe's obvious Odell ode, we are definitely feeling A$AP Jordan, Reggie Shumpert, and Macklemore Kidd, but whatever you do, don't look Larry directly in the eyes. That shit claws its way into your soul and never leaves.