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DP World Tour pro wins Volvo subscription with hole-in-one and the timing couldn’t be better

Car shopping in today’s day and age is stressful. Interest rates are through the roof, dealerships are struggling to keep inventory due to supply chain shortages and now you even have to pick between gas and electric. DP World Tour pro Alex Knappe is suddenly free from these concerns, however, after winning a Care by Volvo subscription — a modern lease program that functions a little bit like Netflix for Volvos — with a hole-in-one at the Volvo Scandinavian Mixed on Thursday.

As it turns out, Knappe’s ace on the par-3 14th arrived not a second too soon. The German pro’s current whip is finally breaking down after nine years, sometimes taking five minutes to even start. He was already in the process of finding a new car, but now he can rest easy with a shiny new Volvo in the garage.

This is a reminder that not every pro golfer on earth has five Ferraris in the stable like Ian Poulter. Some of them actually are “just like us” … well, at least on the road.