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Donald Trump says he lost track of classified nuclear documents in a pile of golf shirts


Sick of the Donald Trump discourse? Welcome to the party, pal. It’s been seven long years of all Trump all the time. If you hate the guy, you’re sick to death of hearing him talk and if you like the guy, you’re sick to your stomach listening to people complain about him. Oh, and there’s no in between. Fun!

Unfortunately, Donald Trump is as synonymous with golf as he is with that thinning coif. Every time we think that we’re out, he pulls us back in, as he did on Monday, joining Fox News’ Brett Baier for a contentious (and inevitably viral) interview.

Most of the exchange was exactly the same stuff we’ve all been hearing for years, but when pressed on why he refused to respond to a Department of Justice subpoena to return classified military documents—including nuclear dossiers and plans for a war with Iran—he dropped yet another unignorable (and tangentially golf-related) doozy. Just listen.

There you have it, America. Former President Donald Trump failed to return the classified military documents he took, and was eventually raided by the FBI to obtain, because they were jumbled up in a pile of golf shirts. On one hand, we can relate. The less said about the logoed golf shirt Leaning Tower of Pisa in our closet, the better. On the other, whether Trump is a stripes or solids guy is not really the primary concern here.

As with all things Donald Trump, how you feel about this almost entirely depends on how you feel about Donald Trump. On both sides of the aisle, we are wading into a world of emotions and emotions can be messy. But don’t get mad, get Glad, and by that mean we literally grab a garbage bag and head up to your closet right now. It’s time to clean up those golf shirts once and for all. Who knows what you might find.