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Diamondbacks third baseman hits 3-run homer, gets called out at first (wait, what?)

We're barely halfway through April and we've already seen just about everything you can possibly see throughout the course of an entire baseball season. Records have been set, fists have been thrown, eight-run comebacks have been made and WiFi passwords have been revealed. It's been a wild and weird start to the 2018 season, and yet we may already have the No. 1 candidate for weirdest play of the year.

Late on Saturday night in Los Angeles, the Arizona Diamondbacks led the Dodgers 3-1 in the top of the fourth when D-Backs third baseman Deven Marrero stepped to the plate. With two runners on, Dodgers pitcher Rich Hill badly missed his location on an 89-mph fastball and Marrero took him to deep left center for his first home run of the season and just the sixth of his career. Wait, just kidding, upon further review, Marrero was called out at second despite the ball going over the fence. Check out what happened:

By passing the runner ahead of him, even if it appears to be by an inch, Marrero broke the MLB's passing the runner on the bases rule, resulting in him being called out. Instead of a 3-run homer, Marrero was given a two-RBI single, even though the ball was in the stands. Tough break, but thems the rules. The saying seems overplayed, but you really do see something different every time you go to a baseball game. The D-Backs went on to win 9-1 as they quietly continue their red hot, 11-3 start to 2018.