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Demo Day 2020: Five motorized club transport options way more fun than carrying your bag

January 21, 2020

WINTER GARDEN, Fla. — If you're the type of golfer who doesn't like carrying your bag, but doesn't love taking a cart or using a pushcart, either, Demo Day at the PGA Merchandise Show showcased a variety of alternatives you might have been hoping for. Specifically, a handful of electric alternatives on display around the range at Orange County National Golf Club provide practical, and fun, options as you're hoofing it.

finn cycle.jpg

It's the fun of riding a dirt bike, but is built to hold your golf clubs. You ride seated, your legs straddling your bag, which is locked into place. The accelerator is a tab at your thumb, hand brakes are at both hands, and, of course, there's a cooler is over the rear wheel.

Retail: $3,700 (lease options available)

club car.jpg

Clip the small sensor to your shorts at your lower back and this motorized bag carrier will follow you around as you walk. It features a screen that displays GPS data of the hole you're playing.

Retail: $3,995 retail (lease options available)

golf board.jpg

Set your feet like you would on a skate- or surfboard, grab onto the handle, and use the thumb throttle to start moving. A combination of steering with the handle and shifting your weight makes the board turn. The tires were made to have a minimal effect on golf course turf.

Retail: $6,500 (lease options available)

phat scooter.jpg

The front- and rear-wheel suspension creates a smooth ride. There are 15 different color options, and attachments that you can add—one turns your scooter into a beverage cart.

Retail base model: $3,795 (lease options available)

golf trikke.jpg

You've probably seen law enforcement officials on vehicles like this. The biggest difference is that the Golf Trikke has the ability to attach your golf bag—and a governor to keep you from going more than 15 mph.

Retail: $6,000 (lease options available)