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Dana White buying a private island to host UFC fights might be the most 'Mortal Kombat' thing ever

UFC Fight Night Andrade v Zhang

Zhe Ji

The current dilemma facing sports leagues across the world right now: How do we play our games, finish our seasons, and put some money back in the ol' advertising coffers without jeopardizing the health of our players and fans? The MLB has floated a supersized Cactus League that would feature all 30 teams playing games in Arizona as early as May. The NHL is weighing up a D2: The Mighty Ducks style playoff tourney that would take place in the frozen wastes of North Dakota where no virus could possibly survive. Perhaps the best (and by best, we mean most bat-shit crazy) plan of them all, however, belongs to UFC commish Dana White, who told TMZ on Wednesday that he is on the verge of securing a deal for a private island where he will be able to host UFC fights moving forward. If that sounds like the most Mortal Kombat thing ever to you, well, that's because it is.

For comparison's sake . . .

Pretty much what you were envisioning, right?

For now White says UFC 249 on April 18th—which has already lost its venue and half of its main card—will go on at a yet-unspecified venue stateside. There is a deal in place to host fights at that venue "every week" for the next two months. After that, it's island time, baby. Assuming the deal for Fight Island—the PENINSULA OF POUND, THE ARCHIPELAGO OF ELBOWS—goes through, White plans to truck in big-name fighters from around the globe via private jet. If that sounds like the most Con Air thing ever to you, well, that's because it is.