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Cowboys fans fighting each other was more inevitable than Mike McCarthy kicking a field goal while down 16

If we're being fair, the final play call of the Dallas Cowboys' season on Sunday was actually a pretty savvy one. Dak Prescott still had plenty of time to get down a spike, which would have left them with two or three seconds, AKA one final play. Considering where they started the drive, that was the best they could have asked for.

Of course, we all know what happened next. Prescott and center Tyler Biadasz forgot the referee has to touch the ball and spot it before running the next play, which led to some confusion at the line and ultimately ended the game. Naturally, the home fans disagreed with what happened, and when you mix in a long day of drinking, Mike-McCarthy-is-your-head-coach-induced stress and a bad call that ends your team's season, things are going to turn ugly in the stands quickly.

And boy, did they ever. Remember, these are Cowboys fans we are talking about. "Rational thinking" is not their strong suit. Every year, the think the Cowboys can go 16-1 and win the Super Bowl, and every year they get bounced in the first round of the playoffs, usually at home. You'd think they'd have learned that by now. Alas, they have not, which leads to them turning on each other, which was more inevitable than McCarthy calling on the field goal team to make it a two possession game when his team was down two possessions:

Is there a sadder place to be as a man than on your knees, recklessly swinging at someone while your pants are falling down? Oh, also, you're wearing the jersey of another grown man. Sheesh. 

There was, of course, much more. Here's a few clips from outside of AT&T Stadium. Can anybody keep their clothes on?

Some also took their anger out on 49ers fans:

And on their own players!

And just when you thought "there's no way it can get any worse than this," the team's franchise quarterback essentially gave his stamp of approval to this type of behavior. No, seriously, Dak Prescott said "credit to them" when he was told that fans were throwing stuff at the refs:

Man, it's gonna be a long off-season in Big D.