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Dak Prescott meeting his teammate's son / No. 1 fan is the most wholesome video you'll see this week

September 07, 2021

On last week's episode of "Hard Knocks" we met Aaiden Diggs, son of Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs, nephew of Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon. Aaiden almost immediately emerged as one of the stars of the latest season of HBO's hit NFL show, mainly for confusing his favorite quarterback, Dallas' Dak Prescott, with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

On Tuesday, ahead of the season finale that will air Tuesday night, NFL Films released a preview clip of Aaiden finally meeting his hero Dak. Once again, though, Aaiden confused him with Mahomes, this despite the fact he's wearing Prescott's jersey, which Dak was quickly to (nicely) point out. Check out this hilariously and heartwarming content: 

Excellent recovery by Aaiden, and how about those manners? "Good to see you," accompanied with a firm handshake. Trevon is raising a solid young man right there. Once he stops confusing Prescott and Mahomes he will be going places. 

Very excited to see how the rest of this conversation shakes out on the final episode. Does Aaiden get Dak's number? Does he just keep saying "good to see you?" Does Patrick Mahomes make an appearance and put Aaiden's brain in a pretzel? Most folks watch "Hard Knocks" to the end to see the guys HBO focused on and made you fall in love with all season get cut from the roster, but I'll be watching to see more of the Aaiden-Dak Summit.