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Dad crashing daughter's grad school classes is only funny thing to come out of Hurricane Harvey

August 31, 2017

Amidst the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey there have been stories of bravery, of selflessness, and of people putting aside differences in the interest of community. But funny? That would seem to be in short supply.

Alas, the one exception might be this dad, stranded because of the hurricane, sitting in on his daughter's first day of graduate school because, well, he had just dropped her off and now had nothing better to do. Here's the posting from an amused Omete Anassi capturing his father and frustrated sister Kerubo on the first day of class.

The scene is vaguely reminiscent of Rodney Dangerfield in "Back to School," and actually turned out not to be an isolated phenomenon.

You always hear how it's times like these when families really need to stick together. At some point, though, a little space might not be a bad thing, either.