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Watch Craig Stadler get forced into hitting driver on a short par 3, proceed to make a hole-in-one anyway

August 26, 2021

Next April will mark the 40th anniversary of Craig Stadler winning the 1982 Masters, but it's possible he hit the most impressive shot of his life on Wednesday. Well, the trick shot of his life, at least.

The 68-year-old was participating in a charity golf event when he was asked to hit driver on a 169-yard, downhill par 3. Somewhat begrudgingly, the Walrus obliged.

"This is your world, not mine," the 13-time PGA Tour winner is heard saying under his breath. "Forcing me to hit driver."

But he and everyone else on the hole were all smiles moments later after Stadler's made an unlikely hole-in-one. Have a look:

Incredible. Right down to the untucked Masters polo. These guys are so good—even so far removed from their primes.

At this point, though, as someone who has never made a hole-in-one—let alone one with a freaking driver in some sort of challenge—it's time for the obligatory bitching. Seriously, an ace with a "cut driver"? Must be nice!

That being said, this one was for #TheKids . . . so good stuff, Craig. Happy for you.