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Couples: MJ Is In, Maybe Robin Williams Too

October 09, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO -- The way Fred Couples looks at it, Michael Jordan has won six NBA Championships and knows team chemistry no matter what the sport, including golf. "I think he may be able to instill quite a bit to our team," Couples said Wednesday at Harding Park GC, where a year from this week he and M.J., along with Jay Haas, will be leading the 2009 U.S. Presidents Cup team.

"He's been to every Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup that I've played in," Couples said. "He's extremely passionate about the game of golf."

While Jordan was text-messaging Tiger Woods during the Ryder Cup, he was also texting Couples direct from Valhalla with a scouting report. He may even join Couples out on tour for a few events next year to help him evaluate players. Not that Tiger wasn't texting Couples on his own, saying how much he wants to play for him, but having Jordan around would be one other reason to get Woods fired up for the event.

While Jordan is in, Couples' people are still trying to reach Robin Williams' people about the comedian being part of the team room. Not that Boo Weekley's orangutan story will be old by then, but Couples thinks Williams is the funniest man in the world, and would keep things light.

"It's not mentioned loosely. It's not mentioned to be smart-alecky," Couples said about the idea of having Williams be a part of the U.S. effort. "It's something that if he did show up -- and I have no idea if he would -- I would think it would be the funniest time ever, because once you get up in the morning, [you are laughing at him] all day long."

While Couples has Jordan and possibly Williams as part of the entourage, it still sounds as though Greg Norman's International team will be heavily favored in the celebration department.

"We can out-drink their team, I can tell you that," the Shark said. "I'll put Ernie Els up against anybody."

-- Tim Rosaforte