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Could another rival golf league be coming for the PGA Tour and LIV?

December 12, 2023

Jared C. Tilton/LIV Golf

Pro golf's landscape has never been messier than it has been the past two years with the PGA Tour and LIV battling for the game's biggest stars. But there's a chance things are going to get even murkier.

LIV's signing of Jon Rahm has most believing some sort of merger between the two entities is coming. However, muddling things further is the fact the PGA Tour has been in talks to partner with other private equity groups. And in the meantime, there are rumors that another new golf league could be created.

That's right. A rival to these already rival leagues. The wild scenario is just one of the topics we talk about with Golf Digest senior writer Joel Beall on the latest episode of The Loop podcast.

Joel joined us to drop this bombshell, break down the Rahm signing, and discuss what else he's been hearing. We also talked to him about the latest PGA Tour player revolt, and what this all means for that looming Dec. 31 deadline.

Plus, Chris Powers checks in from Orlando, where he'll be covering Team Woods and more at the PNC Championship. And the guys go through their usual shenanigans, including another hot week of NFL picks. Please have a listen: