Is a $199 driver coming to Costco?

November 08, 2023
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Does Coscto have a driver coming to its warehouse shelves?

The big-box retailer may be introducing another product to its golf offering, as a Costco Kirkland Signature driver debuted this week on the USGA’s conforming club list.

Details on the driver are limited. The club is registered in just one loft at 10.5 degrees, although it does appear to have the ability to be adjustable. There is weight in the rear position in order to aid forgiveness and encourage higher launch. The USGA says there is a dot alignment mark on the crown, but the page does not have an image of the feature. It also appears to be available only for right-handers.

The emergence of the driver is not a total surprise. Images of a Costco sales presentation leaked earlier this summer, with promises of a Kirkland Signature driver arriving to stores this fall, along with a yellow ball and irons (which made an appearance on the conforming list earlier in 2023 but soon disappeared).

Costco had mostly been a non-entity in the golf space until 2017, when the company drew a cult-like following for its Kirkland Signature ball. However, the ball resulted in a legal battle with Acushnet (the parent company of Titleist), with Acushnet accusing the Costco ball of violating 10 patents. The matter was eventually settled out of court in 2018. Though the next version of the Kirkland Signature ball flopped, the 2.0 version has enjoyed a nice run, listed at $35 for a two-dozen pack. Additionally, Costco has had success with a $100 milled-face putter and three-piece wedge set.

The initial presentation slide noted the products would be arriving on Nov. 1, signaling the driver could be available before the holidays. According to the slide, the driver will be listed at $199.