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Consistent Sand Play

February 14, 2008

Lee Giles of Sedona writes in response to our consistency package in March--with a tip of his own. Worth a read if you struggle with bunker play, as I do:

In reference to your March 2008 issue, and section on "How to play consistent golf": I've only seen the Natalie Gulbis TV show once. As a part of that show, a commercial with Lee Trevino, Dan Jenkins, Alice Cooper, and others was being filmed. As they were setting up, in the background >

you could see Trevino, holding a club, talking to Gulbis. I could hear him say "all the great bunker players I've seen played the ball back here (Lee puts the club well back in his stance) instead of up here (Lee moves the club forward in his stance).

I thought, "Wow! I have always been a fair bunker player, never afraid of the sand, but at times inconsistent. I tried Trevino's advice and noticeably improved my bunker play. With all due respect >

to Todd Anderson (page 104, referenced article), I think I'll keep doing it the Trevino way. I've tried the Anderson way - too >

inconsistent. >

Thanks, Lee. If it's good enough for that other Lee, it's good enough for me.

--Bob Carney