Summer Vacay

Impossibly NSFW Conor McDavid and Sammy Blais controversies have Hockey Twitter buzzing like it's Game 7

For Conor McDavid, star forward of the Edmonton Oilers, and Sammy Blais, his opposite number for the New York Rangers, the season is over. Both were sent packing in their respective conference final, jumpstarting another long summer of fun in the sun. You wouldn’t have known it to log onto Hockey Twitter on Monday morning, however, where the pair were making more headlines than the entire Avalanche and Lightning squads combined.

It all began with McDavid, who was spotted out on the town looking a little banged up, getting intimate with a woman who was most definitely not his girlfriend Lauren Kyle.

At one point in the video, the filmer says “Hey Conor!” prompting McDavid to wheel around looking like he was just beamed back to earth from deep space. Newsflash buddy, just because you’re a hockey player doesn’t mean one in 73 people won’t recognize you wandering hammered down the middle of the street with not-your-partner.

Not satisfied with a runaway for Lord Stanley’s Controversy Cup, however, hockey fans fired up Instagram and unearthed this headspinner of a comment from Blais beneath one of of his sister's Instagram posts.

We know those French-Canadians do things a little different, but come again now??? Needless to say, as soon as puck nuts got wind of these stories, the goalie was pulled. Freaking game over, man.

Congratulations to everyone on the memes. Excellent work as always. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go take a scalding shower, cry in the fetal position for awhile, and see if we can’t get this week restarted. Stay safe out there.