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Conference preview: Big Ten

September 05, 2008


2008-09 outlook



Predicted champion: Indiana

Predicted player of the year:

Jorge Campillo, Indiana

Predicted freshman of the year: Luke Guthrie, Illinois

NCAA Regional bound: Indiana, Illinois, Michigan State, Minnesota, Purdue, Michigan

Team on the rise: Illinois

Biggest question mark: Michigan State__

Wouldn't surprise me to see: __Campillo become the third IU player in 11 years to repeat as the conference's POY ... he's that good.

__Would shock me to see:__The conferences' coaches fail to honor the retiring Jim Brown, Ohio State's coach the past starting his 36th and final year with the Buckeyes, with some kind of special tribute at the Big Ten Championship--perhaps name the coach-of-the-year award in his honor.

__2007-08 Accolades

Team champion:__ Michigan State

Player of the year: Jorge Campillo, Indiana__

Freshman of the year:__ Scott Langley, Illinois

Coach of the year: Sam Puryear, Michigan State

Big Ten medalist: Jorge Campillo, Indiana

All-Big Ten first team:

Victor Almstrom, Minnesota*

Ryan Brehm, Michigan State

Jorge Campillo, Indiana*

Randy Hutchison, Michigan State*

Clayton Rask, Minnesota

Tim Schaetzel, Michigan

All-Big Ten second team:

Seth Brandon, Indiana*

Kyle Coconis, Ohio State

Bo Hoag, Ohio State*

Jack Newman, Michigan State*

Robert Rohanna, Penn State

Dan Woltman, Wisconsin*

2008-09 predicted finish:


2008-09 outlook



Predicted champion: Purdue

Predicted player of the year: Maria Hernandez, Purdue

Predicted freshman of the year:Milena Savich, Michigan

__NCAA Regional bound:__Purdue, Michigan State, Ohio State, Indiana, Michigan

Team on the rise: Purdue

Biggest question mark: Michigan State

__Wouldn't surprise me to see:__Hernandez become the first player in 13 years to three-peat as the conference's POY ... she's that good.

__Would shock me to see:__The conference championship really be more than a two-team fight between the Boilermakers and the Spartans.

__2007-08 Accolades

Team champion:__ Purdue

Player of the year: Maria Hernandez, Purdue__

Freshman of the year:__ Maude-Aimee Leblanc, Purdue

Coach of the year: Devon Brouse, Purdue

Big Ten medalist: Maria Hernandez, Purdue

All-Big Ten first team:

Christel Boeljon, Purdue

Sara Brown, Michigan State

Maria Hernandez, Purdue*

Laura Kueny, Michigan State*

All-Big Ten second team:

Carling Coffing, Ohio State

Anita Gahir, Indiana*

Emma Jandel, Ohio State*

Aimee Neff, Michigan State*

Seul Ki Park, Illinois

Gemma Webster, Ohio State*

__2008-09 predicted finish:

__1. Purdue

Monday's conference: Pac-10