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October 13, 2008

In no particular order, your peeves, prompted by recent Golf Digest articles and the November cover:

Jeff Britt has had it with Johnny MIller:



After reading Johnny Miller's latest speculation about whether Annika Sorenstam would have won more if she had been longer off the tee I am convinced that it is time for Golf Digest to drop him as a columnist. He has run out of any original thoughts. Annika is already in the top 3 of all female golfers and an argument could easily be made that she is the best. I have watched the LPGA for a long time and, believe me, Annika faced stiffer competition week in and week out than some of the early members of the tour. She's won double digit majors which is a lot more than Miller ever won and in my opinion was a better golfer over a longer period than Miller ever dreamed about being. Using Miller's pretzel logic, he could have won more majors if Jack Nicklaus hadn't been born. My golfing buddy has a saying when he's heard someone use "what if" one too many times. "Yeah and if the worms wore hardhats, the birds wouldn't eat em".>

Jeff Britt>


Jeff, we'll borrow that last line, if you don't mind.


If I ever see Justin Timberlake...on your cover again, I will cancel my subscription immediately. You must really be hard up for subscribers if his fan base is your target market.>

Susan Quinn.>

Elm Grove, WI


(Our reasoning, fyi: It's in support of our Musicians Ranking, Justin's a single-digit handicap, he owns his own golf course and he now has his own PGA Tour event. Whatever his fan base, he's a pretty interesting "player" in the game these days. )

Angus Freathy, Engishman, is frothing over David Owen's comments about British TV:


As a Brit recently re-expatriated to these US of A, I was somewhat surprised to read that David Owen feels qualified to comment on the visual quality of golf broadcasting in my home country. My own experience is not that 'televised golf is â¿¿.. unbelievably boring' (in the UK at least) and I am confident that the Ryder Cup-- beginning the day after I write this - will prove my point.


If Mr Owen has spent any time watching televised golf in the UK, he was certainly astounded to note that, unlike their US counterparts, UK stations actually show golf during the greater part of the broadcast, rather than using the golf as an occasional punctuation within the commercials (for sponsors' products, local station messages and forthcoming programmes on the network) and pretentious, high-minded 'editorials' designed, presumably, to reinforce, in the minds of the uninitiated, the spiritual nature of the game!!!

But then maybe he hasn't, which is why he expressed the opinion he did? This aberration notwithstanding, Mr. Owen's article has certain merit and made me chuckle. Keep up the good work.

Angus Freathy

Portland. OR

Angus, you win. Most courteous tongue-lashing we've ever received. What?

--Bob Carney