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Comparing Manny and Tiger

November 05, 2008

Doug Norcross of Charlton, MA, a Golf World reader and Red Sox fan, took exception to Greg Maddux's comparison of Manny Ramirez and Tiger Woods in the Ocrtober 17 issue. Having lived with Manny being Manny in Boston earlier this year, Norcross wasn't buying. I can understand why.

__ Maddux said, "Tiger and Manny are out there in a class by themselves".__


While I realize what Mr. Maddux was trying to say, I think he also has to understand that Tiger never, never, gives up. He grinds and grinds no matter how bad a day he is having. As a matter of fact it's fun to watch Tiger when he is having a bad day because he plays so many great recovery shots. I'm a Red Sox fan and if you are familiar with what was going on in Boston this season you are aware that Manny was definitely not fun to watch, period.

I think it would be better for Mr. Maddux to compare Manny with some other great baseball player and try not to put Manny in the same class as Tiger. There are very few athletes in any sport in the same class as Tiger. Tiger is definitely out there in a class by himself!

There is not a wide bandwith of agreement between Red Sox and Yankees fans, but we definitely agree on this one. Comparing Tiger to Mariano Rivera, I get that. Ramirez, never. Thanks for calling Maddux on it.

P.S. We need Youkilis. You willing to give him up?

--Bob Carney