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Come for Jordan Spieth making a hole-in-one on a simulator, stay for him dabbing in celebration

December 30, 2017

Jordan Spieth's practice on his indoor simulator has been well documented. In 2015, Spieth prepared for the Open Championship at St. Andrews in the comfort of his own home, and a few months later, he said he honed 3-iron shots ahead of his runaway victory at Kapalua to start 2016. Now heading into the opening event of 2018, it appears Spieth is still relying on indoor work to ready his game for another season. And the three-time major champ already looks pretty locked in.

Check out this video of Spieth slam dunking a hole-in-one, which came on Christmas night in his home, according to Colorado Golf Blog. But also check out Spieth -- who is wearing what could pass as an ugly Christmas sweater -- dabbing in celebration at the end. Smooth.

Good luck to the rest of the field in Maui next week.