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This bold $1 to win $6,000 parlay involving Collin Morikawa is still alive but simultaneously dead

To cash out, or to let it ride, that's the question every veteran gambler experiences at some point in their lives.

Often times, it's a question that can keep you up all night. In one bettor's case, though, the answer is quite clear—cash the f&%@ out.

In a three-leg parlay making the rounds on Twitter ($1 to win $6,188 !!), you'll see this gambler has hit two of three legs already. The first, Italy winning Euro 2020 at +600. The second, Collin Morikawa winning the Open Championship at +2500. Unfortunately, the bettor made the wager on June 21, long before Morikawa's odds ballooned to +3500 and +4000 in some spots. Still, had this just been a two-leg parlay, that would have been a very nice hit (+25000 to be exact).

This bettor got extra ambitious, however, as he or she should have considering it was a pipedream $1 parlay. The final leg? The L.A. Chargers to win the Super Bowl at +3300:

To be fair, it's not a terrible bet. We all saw Justin Herbert's potential a season ago, and the rest of the Chargers roster is very solid. There's no reason they can't be the team that takes that huge step in 2021. Of course, they'll have to go through Kansas City to do that. So there's that.

What we're trying to say is ... CASH OUT. DraftKings is offering a $135 return on a $1 investment. Take it and don't look back.