This is a top two worst Freudian slip of all time (and it ain't two)

Doing play-by-play is a thankless job. Almost 99.9 percent of the time, viewers at home are going to find a reason to hate you. The other 0.01 percent of the time, the best you'll get is a "he/she is pretty good." Even then, if you dare to slip up once you instantly become an internet punch line.

Take, for example, what happened to a college baseball commentator on Tuesday night. Logan Maddox, who you've never heard of before, is now in the news because of a top two Freudian slip of all time, and it ain't two. During close a game between Ole Miss and Jacksonville State on ESPN+, the Rebels sent up designated hitter Will Furniss to the plate. While announcing his arrival to the dish, Maddox meant to refer to him as the designated hitter but ended up referring to him as something much, much worse... 

Oh boy .... not good. It's one of those where it's just one teeny tiny little letter he screwed up, but the weight of that letter is over two tons. Good job by Maddox to quickly apologize, and to take it in stride on Twitter later that night, but man, that is tough:

In a fall-out-of-your-chair type twist, Twitter is actually ... not trying to ruin this guy's entire life and career? Normally, knee-jerk assumptions are made in situations like this. People usually would start accusing Maddox of having a Swastika tattoo and doing the Nazi salute when he wakes up every morning. Instead, most folks laughed it off like Maddox did, and even posted some similar historic slip-ups in play-by-play history:

Good job, reply guys. Maddox made an honest mistake, albeit a rather large one. Let's all move on (unless he does it again. Then we'll revisit).