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Coach O speaking through a mask during an interview might as well be a foreign language

Before he became famous for becoming the first LSU head coach to win a National Championship since Nick Saban, Ed Orgeron, better known as "Coach O," was famous for his absolutely breathtaking cajun accent. When he speaks, you have to listen carefully. It's that difficult to understand. Add a mask into the mix due to COVID-19, and he might as well be speaking a foreign language. 

We got a taste of this on Saturday in Missouri, where O's Tigers were facing off with the Mizzou Tigers in a SEC battle. As Orgeron made his way to the locker room for halftime, he stopped for an interview with ESPN and kept his mask on. This was the result: 

Umm ... huh? We tried to decipher it as best we could. Here's what we think he said:

"You know what dey run some run stunts put too many people in da box givin' us a pass rating." 

We did the best we could, and that's probably pretty close to what he said. This reminds us of when Coach O and closed captioning met in 2018, one of the more magical moments in college football history. What a gem this man is. 

Unfortunately, Coach O's Tigers dropped their second game of the 2020 season to fall to 1-2. The National Championship hangover appears to be very real in Baton Rouge, folks.