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Tom Brady had a good old-fashioned senior moment on Thursday Night Football

After a brutal Week 1 loss to the New Orleans Saints, Tom Brady and his new team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, bounced back with three straight wins. The most impressive of the bunch came last week, when the Bucs trailed the L.A. Chargers 24-7, only for Brady to come storming back with a five-touchdown pass performance, which helped TOMpa steal a 38-31 win. 

The furious comeback helped people quickly forget some of Brady's not-so-hot moments from the first four weeks. The "oh, he looks kinda old" moments. No, he's not actually old, but in football years, 43 is pretty much ancient. In the second half against L.A., however, Brady looked 25 again. 

That did not carry over to Thursday night, when, on just three days rest, Brady looked old again. The Chicago Bears defense, Khalil Mack specifically, will do that to any QB. They sacked Brady three times, held him under 300 yards passing and gave up just one TD pass in a 20-19 victory. Most importantly, they turned him into grandpa Brady on the final drive of the game. On 4th and 6 at his own 41, Brady threw a game-ending incompletion. As his offense was walking off the field, Brady went to a referee and asked if it was 4th down: 

Folks, this is what we call a senior moment. On the broadcast, Troy Aikman mentioned that sometimes you forget what down it is when you spike the ball in a hurry-up offense at the end of the game. That's absolutely true and something that has happened at both the college and pro level before. The problem - Brady did not spike it during that set of downs. In fact, the play before he threw it down the field to Rob Gronkowski and didn't connect, stopping the clock and giving him plenty of time to figure out down and distance. He just straight up forgot. YIKES.  

Apparently, Brady also forgot to shake the hand of Bears QB Nick Foles, who he is now 0-2 against lifetime: 

Wait, nope, he's just an a**hole.