Genesis Scottish Open

The Renaissance Club


This is, without a doubt, the most aggressive club twirl in club twirl history

Move over Tiger Woods. Sit down Patrick Reed. Don’t even bother ever club-twirling again, Justin Thomas. As the great Vince Carter once said directly into the camera “It’s OVA.”

What’s OVA, you ask? The club-twirl game, forever. Because from here until the end of eternity, no club twirl could ever possibly top this club twirl from Liberty University golfer Jonathan Yaun, who is competing in the U.S. Amateur at Bandon Dunes this week:

Violent. Aggressive. Over-the-top. Saucy. Pick an adjective, they all work for Yaun’s twirl heard ‘round the world. That thing must have done, at minimum, 10 360s in his hands. Simply incredible.

Yaun was understandably fired up, as he had just taken a 1 up lead over Davis Thompson on the 15th hole in the Round of 64. But was he too fired up? Was there TOO much twirl? Quite the contrary, actually. Yaun wound up winning the next two holes, closing out Thompson 3 and 1 on 17. Let this be a lesson to all the kids out there: the twirl giveth and the twirl taketh away. In Yaun’s case, he used his twirl powers for good.