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Cleveland Indians fan gets drilled in the dome with foul ball, blames woman in front of him

August 31, 2018

Maybe Patrick Reed was onto something when he complained about being put in "the line drive section" at a Boston Red Sox game on Wednesday. That same night, a Cleveland Indians fan took quite the line drive to the dome. Only he blamed the woman sitting in front of him instead of the team or the PGA Tour.

We can laugh now because the guy walked away, but it appears he thought the lady in front of him would catch the blistering foul ball off the bat of the Minnesota Twins' Ehire Adrianza or at least take the brunt of it. We know this because after getting drilled, he looks at her and seems to mouth, "I thought you had it." You know, because you should always expect the person in front of you to be able to handle a baseball traveling about 100 miles per hour.

Moments later, though, the man redeemed himself. After getting the ball tossed to him, he handed it to the woman. Then he left, presumably to get some ice before his forehead swelled to the size of a watermelon. Anyway, have a look:

Good idea, dude. But you know what's also a good idea? Bringing your glove to the ballpark. Sure, you'll draw some snickers from people, but there's also a better chance you won't need to miss the game to get medical attention.