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The Browns' gift box for season ticket holders is the saddest thing they've done since starting Brandon Weeden at QB

Just when you think the Cleveland Browns couldn't possibly be any dumber, they go and do something like this ..... AND TOTALLY REDEEM THEMSELVES!

HA! Just kidding, the Cleveland Browns are still very much the Cleveland Browns, the same franchise who dumped their former No. 1 overall QB Baker Mayfield in favor of the extremely-problematic Deshaun Watson, who has already been suspended six games and could very well be suspended more. The same franchise that the also extremely-problematic Kareem Hunt, who the Browns obviously signed in 2019 during a pending investigation into assault allegations against him, has asked to be traded from. Can you imagine how dysfunctional you have to be for the guy you took a chance on after he assaulted someone to say "nah, I'm all set here"? It's remarkably embarrassing stuff. 

Leave it to the Browns, then, to go all of 24 hours without making an ass of themselves. On Thursday, Twitter user Jared Wackerly, presumably a Browns season-ticket holder, tweeted out a video of the gift box sent to Browns season-ticket holders, and, as you might imagine, it's one of the saddest things ever. Sadder than starting Brandon Weeden at quarterback for 20 games:

"What even is this, dude?" should be the Browns franchise slogan. But seriously, WTF is that hat? It looks like the knock-off's knock-off version of whatever a hat should look like. It looks like a napkin that they attached an orange brim to. It's truly one of the worst hats we've ever seen. Here's how it looks on our boy Jared's head:

How can you possibly send that out to all your season ticket holders and expect that to go well? Look at that thing! It's garbage! Apparently, as Jared later explained, it's supposed to be a throwback to the old Browns painters hats from the 1980s:

Cool, I guess? Just for comparison's sake, let's see how the Las Vegas Raiders treat their season ticket holders:

I guess that's why they say "Vegas, baby!" and not "Cleveland, baby!" Prayers up for Jared, who will likely wear that hat as a joke now to go see his joke franchise go play in their joke games. We kid, we kid (sort of).