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Antonio Brown tweets out quote from ... Antonio Brown, in what can only be described as the most Antonio Brown move ever

Judging by his off-season, it would appear as though Antonio Brown is done with football. If so, it would bring to an end one of the more chaotic careers in NFL history, one that began and thrived in Pittsburgh and ended, quite unceremoniously, with Brown ripping off his Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey and running off the field at MetLife Stadium in Week 17 of 2021.

Brown has not officially retired and he does remain a free agent, but a pair of tweets from mid-May would indicate that he has called it quits. "Just wanna Retire a Steeler," Brown wrote on May 16. Seventeen minutes later, he clarified that he meant AS a Steeler, writing "Not Play Jus Retire so we Clear."

Less than two months later, Tony Toe Tap was on the stage at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami, not as a festival-goer but as a performer. Brown debuted his new smash-hit single "Put that sh-t on," which is basically just him yelling "Put that sh-t" on and doing a dance that is already catching fire at NFL Training Camps. Just ask Brown and he'll tell ya:

So yeah, he's leaning all the way into his potentially budding entertainment career, more proof of that theory coming when Brown tweeted out a quote on Thursday from .... yup, you guessed it, Antonio Brown. At first glance, it appears like it could be some sort of retirement statement, or possibly a comeback statement. It was neither. 

Welp, we cannot think of a more Antonio Brown thing then for Antonio Brown to tweet out a quote from Antonio Brown about his only regret in life being that Antonio Brown will never get to see Antonio Brown play. Good to see he's still feeling like himself these days. 

P.S. You know damn well every last one of us is ready to POUNCE on the fantasy waiver wire if this wack job announces he's coming back. 

P.P.S. Apparently, this is a quote stolen straight from Kanye West, which checks out.