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Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence sends driver head flying, should stick to quarterbacking

July 13, 2020

Eleven days ago, I wrote about the surprisingly impressive golf swing of two-time heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury, who claimed he hadn’t played golf in a decade when he posted this video. Was it reminiscent of Adam Scott’s move? Absolutely not, but for a gigantic athlete who excels in a much different sport than golf, it was a decent hack.

I wish I could say the same for Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who is athletic as they come under center. And that’s not limited to football. If you recall, Lawrence grabbed headlines for truck-sticking some poor soul in an intramural basketball game. As he’s proven on the football field, he’s far more than a pocket passer.

So when this clip of Lawrence pulling out a driver began to make the rounds on Monday, I had high hopes. Surely, an athlete of his caliber could get the ball airborne, right? Well, the ball definitely got airborne, but so did the driver head, which may have gone further than the ball:

Big miss by his playing partners to not pull out the easiest reference in the game:

Not the best move in the world from Trev, but one that could definitely be honed in, so long as he doesn’t break any more drivers. Will he be ready for the American Century Championship any time soon? Probably not, but hey, Patrick Mahomes was more than ready in his first appearance (he shot 82 on Sunday!). With a little coaching, we’re sure Lawrence could rise to the occasion some day as well.