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Chris Paul may have actually broken David West's ankles with this filthy crossover

January 05, 2018

Basketball's "He broke his ankles!" might be the most loosely thrown around sports term out there, but it actually almost happened on Thursday night. Like, for real. A series of filthy Chris Paul moves shook David West so badly that he had to leave the game moments later with an injured ankle. Check it out:

Wow, that's nasty. And embarrassing. And as the captain of the Chris Paul fan club, I demand that we see it again!

Of course, to perfectly pull off such a devastating play, two things have to happen after you make your defender completely lose his balance:

As embarrassed as West was, the 37-year-old vet has to take some solace in the fact that Paul had already done this to Golden State rookie and ballyhooed defender Jordan Bell earlier in the game:

Yep, CP3 still has it in his 13th year in the NBA. Of course, the Warriors wound up with the last laugh, beating the Rockets 124-114 in a matchup of the league's two best records. But if West was laughing when the final buzzer sounded, he was doing it from the bench.