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Chris Paul has proof that Barack Obama enjoys trash-talking about his golf game

January 23, 2017

Barack Obama's eight years in the Oval Office are over, but he should have decades left of being an avid golfer. And trash-talking on the golf course.

We've heard plenty of stories about the gamesmanship the 44th President of the United States uses on the links. It got to the point that the former First Lady told Stephen Curry to make fun of her husband's ears the next time he tries to rattle the two-time NBA MVP on the golf course. And thanks to a fellow NBA star, we have proof of the lengths Obama will go to get in a golf opponent's head.

Chris Paul shared this photo with Obama over the weekend as he thanked the President for his service. But take a closer look at the message Obama signed on the picture:

It looks like it reads: "Chris -- this is me talking smack about how I’ll whup you playing golf!" Harsh!

Not that Chris Paul doesn't deserve some verbal jabs. According to the Cleveland Cavaliers' J.R. Smith, Paul is "the biggest talker" of all NBA golfers. And if you're going to dish it, you've got to be able to take it -- especially from the (former) most powerful man in the world.