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Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt has never been happier to not punt than he was in this video

Back in mid-November, when the Kansas City Chiefs offense looked unstoppable (it still kind of is), the team released a hilarious video of its punter, Dustin Colquitt, on the sideline during one of their lowest scoring games of the year. They wound up beating the Arizona Cardinals only 26-14 in a game that featured way more work for Colquitt than usual, so much that he thanked quarterback Patrick Mahomes for "letting" him punt.

On Sunday at home against the Oakland Raiders, Mahomes & co. "let" Colquitt see some action early in the first quarter, going three-and-out on their second drive of the game. They wouldn't need him again until the early part of the third quarter, or so Colquitt thought. With a 21-3 lead and a 3rd & 10 on their own 11-yard line, the Chiefs would have been smart to hit a short intermediate route or even run the ball and take their medicine and punt it away. Instead, Mahomes found Demarcus Robinson for an 89-yard touchdown pass, much to the pleasant surprise of Colquitt, who was practically one step on the field ready to boot one. Sorry bud, your services are not needed at Arrowhead:

No punter has ever been happier to not to his job than Colquitt here. Hey, at least he still gets to hold the kick on extra points. If Tony Romo taught us anything, it's that holding kicks is a much more important job than it looks, so Colquitt should still consider himself part of the team even if he kicked the second-lowest amount of punts in the NFL this season.