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Check out Morgan Hoffmann's custom wedges that honor Arnold Palmer

March 14, 2017

As we begin the first Arnold Palmer Invitational without the King, tour players are finding their own ways to pay homage. We’ve seen that players are putting Arnie’s umbrella logo on their clothes for the week, but Morgan Hoffmann has taken it one step further. He had a set of custom Vokey wedges made for the event.

The 52-degree has a pitcher of Arnold Palmer's iced tea and lemonade drink, the 58 has an umbrella with ‘The King’ written all over it, and the 62 has the silhouettes of airplanes and two tail numbers. N1AP are the tail numbers on Palmer’s plane and N4316F are the tail numbers for Hoffmann’s plane.

Titleist has been doing a lot of creative custom wedge work for their tour pros, but this trio is our favorite so far.