You can now bet on Charlie Woods' chances of winning a major, proving we've all lost our minds

December 21, 2020

Mike Ehrmann

For the most part, no one of note placed any unfair expectations on Charlie Woods, even after the 11-year-old put on a show at the PNC Championship. Of course, there was always going to be a few folks who took it too far on social media, some even claiming Charlie will be winning majors in no time.

Those (somewhat) crazy people can now put their money where their mouths are. The website sent out its Charlie Woods futures odds on Monday morning, proving we've officially lost our minds. According to SBD, Charlie is 825-1 to win a major by the age of 25, this despite not knowing if he even wants to take up a career in professional golf.

If this all seems to be a bit much, consider that it's far from an unprecedented move, particularly in golf. When Rory McIlroy was just 15, some books had him at 500-1 to win the Open Championship by the time he turned 25. Gerry McIlroy, Rory's father, famously cashed in on this bet when his son claimed the 2014 Open Championship at the age of 25. Gerry and his friends had bet £400 on his son at 500-1 10 years earlier.

The difference there was that McIlroy, even at that young age, was a budding superstar destined to win many majors. As for Charlie, there's no way of knowing if he'll even try to become a professional golfer. All we know right now is that he looks like a great young player who had a ton of fun with his dad this past weekend.

Naturally, you can also bet on whether or not Charlie will be a tour pro. He's 2-1 to earn his PGA Tour card before he turns 24. Charlie is also 1500-1 to win a major before turning 22 (just like his dad did), and the over/under year that he plays in his first major is set at 2035.5.

We'd say pump the brakes, but it looks like we are well past that point already.