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Charley Hull challenges man behind ‘sexist’ DM to round of golf, trash talk begins early

September 12, 2023

Warren Little

It’s a ridiculous age-old conceit that a man off the street can beat LPGA tour pros at their life’s calling. We hear it from time to time, but very rarely do we see such a push-back (and challenge) from the athletes themselves. Charley Hull seems to have had enough and went back at this unnamed man who seems to have quite masochistic tendencies.

It all started with a DM—doesn’t it always?—from this rando to golf statistician Lou Stagner. Stagner thankfully pushed it out for the world to see.

“I am a 3 handicapper that plays from 6900 yards and I hit my driver 290,” the direct message reads. “I would make every cut on the LPGA and be a top20 playr.”

Lou Stagner posted the screenshot along with the caption “I love some of the direct messages I get. This guy would finish DFL [dead f***ing last] in every single event.”

The claim was met with many an irritated comment. Some called the message “sexist.” Others wanted to see this individual embarrass himself.

There were many strong replies but none as great as Hull, who took the challenge head-on and wants to get a match going. She even got a little trash talk going just to make things somehow more interesting.

“Shall we sort this game out 👀,” Hull asks. “I’ll let him play off the red tees whilst I’ll play off the whites.”

We’d love to see this pay-per-view match, as would the rest of Twitter it seems.

As great as this all would be, especially during a quieter part of the golf season, it doesn't look like the bold DMer will back up his claim. There hasn't been a response to the challenge just yet. Hull might have been ghosted. Another win for real golfers everywhere.

Hull has won twice on the LPGA Tour, has been named Ladies European Tour Player of the Year and competed in Solheim Cup matches before the age of 18. Hopefully, the gambling powers that be release some odds, because we’re ready to bet the house on Hull.