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Charles Oakley is still beefing with Charles Barkley, hits him with hilarious burn

May 14, 2018

As two bruising power forwards playing in the NBA during the rough-and-tumble 80s-90s era (GRRR DEFENSE), it makes sense that Charles Oakley and Charles Barkley would have their share of brushes with each other. What makes less sense is that in the nearly two decades since either has suited up for a game, their hatred hasn't dissipated.

On Monday morning, Oakley kept the beef going by burning Barkley in part with a photo of him eating beef.

It's really funny (Full disclosure: I grew up watching the 90s Knicks, so I'm Team OAK all the way here), but it's also pretty random. And it's got a slightly different tone from Oak's previous tweet:

Anyway, it reminds us of the fantastic video SB Nation recently did that documents their long rivalry that included a brawl in a pre-season game!

Not that either has trouble finding controversy with other people. Just last year, Oakley was removed from his seat at a Knicks game (Oakley filed a defamation suit against Knicks owner James Dolan) and arrested. And just last week on live TV, Barkley said he wanted to punch Draymond Green in the face.

Usually, when it comes to Barkley, talk like that is just that. But in the case of Barkley vs. Oakley, both better keep their heads on a swivel if they're ever in the same room again. Especially Barkley, because OAK is still pretty intimidating these days. . .