Charles Barkley says he wants to punch Draymond Green in the face, Green says bring it on

May 2, 2018

The NBA on TNT crew is a jovial group for the most part, laughing with — and at — each other nearly as much as providing actual basketball analysis. But things got serious on Tuesday night as the Warriors-Pelicans playoff game went to halftime. As a clip of Draymond Green and Rajon Rondo jawing played, Charles Barkley, referring to Golden State’s point forward/tough guy repeatedly said “I want to punch him in the face.” That escalated quickly!

As Kenny Smith tried to pry for a motive from Barkley, Shaq jumped in with a chuckle. “Kenny, Kenny, just leave him be when he’s like this.” Barkley didn’t back down from his statement and the crew laughed it up. OK, so even when discussing a potential physical assault on a player, these guys have a good time (The night before, Shaq threw a huge fish at Barkley, almost causing him to fall over).

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Draymond Green, however, was not as amused. Here was his reaction after being told about Barkley’s comments on TNT.

Green makes a valiant point about this Twitter generation of fake bravado, but if he brushed up on Barkley, he’d know there’s nothing phony about this NBA Hall-of-Famer’s bluster. Barkley, after all, is a man who once threw someone through a plate-glass window in a bar fight. So yeah. . . it’s probably best these two are kept away from each other for awhile.

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