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Charles Oakley arrested in Vegas for trying to take back $100 chip, which isn't the best of ideas

New York Knicks v Cleveland Cavaliers

Jason Miller

The last time Charles Oakley got arrested, the New York Knicks legend had the entire world on his side, and for good reason. It was one of the rare instances that all of America could agree on one thing. Defending Oak was the only option in that case. This latest arrest is less than ideal for Team Oak.

As multiple news outlets have reported, Oakley was arrested at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas this past weekend for committing the worst of all sins in Sin City: cheating. According to TMZ, Oakley tried to pull back a $100 chip after he realized he was going to lose it, but it's not clear what game he was playing. I've never even been to Vegas and I know that's a no-no.

While this is all alleged, there's apparently video of the incident, which significantly hurts the whole alleged thing once everyone sees the former power forward standing at 6'8'' attempting to sneak a chip away from the table. C'mon Oak! We were rooting for you!

The worst part about this, aside from the fact that if convicted, Oakley faces 1-6 years in prison (yikes), is that Dolan is probably eating this up in his stupid hat while playing his stupid kazoo. That's the real crime here. Actually, so is the cheating in Vegas. Not good! Although it sounds like Oakley's attorney is as worried about it as Oak would be in a cage match against Dolan:

"This is not a significant matter and we expect it to be resolved quickly," Alex Spiro, Oakley's New York-based attorney, told ESPN.

Let's hope he's right, because the Killer 3's desperately need their coach back to climb the standings in the Big 3.