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Celebrate No. 80 with this Tiger Woods Comeback shirt

September 24, 2018

Admit it, we were all a little teary-eyed watching Tiger Woods capture the FedEx Cup and arguably the best comeback in sports history. Not surprisingly, the post-Twitter storm was strong with everyone from Jack Nicklaus to Ja Rule offering congratulations to Woods—and likely wiping a tear or two from their faces as well. One of the best Tweets came earlier in the week from Englishman Tommy Fleetwood with a simple "Tiger Woods is good at golf". He didn't need to use 140 characters to capture how the world was feeling watching Woods finally grab his 80th career victory.

Inspired by Woods and Fleetwood's poetic prose, our friends at BreakingT dropped this "Comeback Complete" shirt. The bold lettering gets the message across underneath an image of a Tiger. Upon closer inspection, the Tiger stripes actually read "good at golf" for an extra unique touch.