Shooting for Purr

Cat (yes, a cat) helps golfer make par, is delightful

September 26, 2022

It’s Monday. Morale is low, all of our weekend football bets lost and we’re like three weeks away from snow.

That said, sometimes all we need is a little pick-me-up, and what’s better than a feel-good video of a cat running around on the green with a golf ball, assisting a heroic golfer trying to make par?

With “Big Cat” still sidelined, this is the cat golf content the world has been looking for.

Just look at that form: a crouch to get in position, a solid roll toward the pin and a sprint that could qualify for the Olympics.

In the same way that there “ain't no rule says the dog can't play basketball,” there ain’t no rule that a cat can’t help a golfer achieve a better score.