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Bob Locke--nice name--writes about the coverage of the Paul McGinley rules question involving a sprinkler head.

I'll probably not be the first to point out a rules error by the TNT announcers and regarding Paul McGinley choosing to putt over a sprinkler head on hole #3 at the Open. Since Paul is putting from off the green, he is not entitled to relief from the sprinkler, and he played correctly. Only if he was on the green would he get "line of play" relief. > See rule 24-2a.

Thanks, Robert. You added that you liked the coverage. We've been debating that around the water cooler today and so have our readers. Here's Mike Warner of York, Pennsylvania, who's not awarding it, and especially Paul Azinger, four stars:

Paul's comments about Tiger's 2nd round OB T-shot on No. 1 was ridiculous. He spouted off that Tiger had no chance of winning after that blunder. Given Tiger's track record and capabilities he should know better. Tiger ended the 2nd round 7 strokes behind choke-king Sergio and nothing was ever mentioned that Tiger did keep it together, even with his B game. Then late in the round on Sunday when Sergio was stagnant and struggling Zinger said " he has to make one sooner or later; it always comes down to putting ". I guess except in Tiger's case. Zinger falls way short when compared to Johnny or Nick and I can't see how he hangs around. He's shallow, nervous and uninteresting, and lacks charm, charisma and wit of his counterparts.

I like the Nick/Zinger combination, Mike. My gripe was his hemming and hawing on Gary Player's drug comments. But you're right that Zinger needs a foil. Otherwise, he comes off as a bit unleavened.

For more on the coverage and the last day, check out Geoff Shackelford's minute-by-minute Sunday blog.

--Bob Carney