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Carmelo Anthony bricking shots to Philip Seymour Hoffman's "Rain drop!" lines is too perfect

August 20, 2018

Carmelo Anthony has been in the news a lot during the NBA off-season thanks to a series of transactions that saw him opt-in with the Oklahoma City Thunder, get traded to the Atlanta Hawks, have his contract bought out, and finally, sign with the Houston Rockets. A lot of fuss was made over all of these moves despite the fact that Melo, in his 15th season, regressed to being a below average player, according to PER, throughout the 2017-2018 regular season. And he was even worse during his first playoff series with the Thunder.

In other words, good luck to the Rockets, specifically head coach Mike D'Antoni who is now tasked with working this aging chucker into a team that had the league's best record. Poor D'Antoni. One stint coaching this defense-averse ball-hog should have been enough.

Anyway, one basketball fan has created a video in anticipation of Melo's move to Houston. And it's hysterical. Clips of a video game Melo wearing a Rockets jersey while bricking shot after shot have been dubbed with Philip Seymour Hoffman (RIP) lines from the memorable pick-up basketball scene in Along Came Polly. And even if you haven't seen that movie (Hoffman's scenes alone are worth it), you'll get the gist: Melo is that annoying guy who always wants the ball — and who thinks every shot is going in ("RAIN DROP!"). Enjoy:

Again, good luck, Houston.