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Callaway updates PM Grind wedge with input from two wedge gurus, including namesake Phil Mickelson

January 04, 2019

The update to Callaway’s PM Grind wedge involved a collection of subtle and not-so-subtle tweaks, about what you would expect when you combine the input of one of golf’s most legendary wedge players with one of the game’s most legendary wedge designers.

A collaboration between Phil Mickelson and Roger Cleveland, the PM Grind (2019) expands its offerings this year into a few lower lofts, an update from the original high-lofted one-off designed for—and by—Mickelson and his famous flop shots. The new line is focused on helping golfers hit the three short-game shots Mickelson believes are key. That includes the aforementioned flop shot, as well as a high-spin, quickly checking pitch and the low-flighted knockdown.

The design of the wedges emphasize those shots in three specific ways. First, from a spin standpoint the design incorporates Callaway’s wide grooves and unique raised ridges between the grooves that provide some 80 contact points with the ball for better grab. Once again, the PM Grind features grooves that extend fully across and up and down the entire face, but to improve the potential for spin on flop shots the ridges in between the grooves are canted at a 20-degree angle to match how the face is open and cutting across the ball when hitting these shots.

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Second, more weight is positioned higher in the toe to create a higher center of gravity for a more penetrating flight.

Third, the wedges feature more offset than traditional wedges, setting the leading edge of the club slightly behind the shaft. The idea is this better facilitates positioning the hands forward of the ball when hitting the knockdown shot.

“Working with Phil on the PM grind wedges has been a fantastic experience,” said Cleveland. “His insights are always spot-on, and implementing them to create something innovative like the PM Grind 2019 is incredibly satisfying. This wedge is going to help a lot of players hit shots they couldn’t hit before.”

The PM Grind will be offered in five lofts (54, 56, 58, 60, 64 degrees). They will be in stores Feb. 15 ($160).