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Callaway's Jaws Raw wedges: What you need to know

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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Wedge designer Roger Cleveland has created a new Callaway Jaws Raw wedge with a raw face and the most aggressive grooves of any wedge from the company to enhance spin. Tungsten weighting is used for the first time in a Callaway wedge to provide the proper balance. Two finishes are available.

PRICE/SPECS: Four grinds, including a new Z Grind. Seventeen loft/bounce combinations per finish—Raw Face Chrome and Raw Black Plasma. Cost is $179 in steel and $189 in graphite for each wedge.

THE DEEP DIVE: Callaway’s Jaws Raw wedge lineup boasts the most aggressive grooves in company history. Designer Roger Cleveland has designed grooves with a 37-degree wall angle that boosts the sharpness of the groove edge. This promotes more grab, particularly on shots from 80 yards and in where players are seeking a shot that stops after one hop. The new groove design gets an assist from micro-milled grooves between the grooves that are milled at a 20-degree angle, helping spin on even shorter shots, including chips and pitches.

The new raw face is devoid of the chrome plating found on some wedges, meaning the clubface will rust over time although the rest of the head will not. By not having the plating, however, there is more of a direct impact between ball and groove.

On the sand and lob wedges, variable length hosels are employed to control trajectory while upping forgiveness. Tungsten—used for the first time in a Callaway wedge—helps position the center of gravity in the middle of the face for better control and feel.

The new line has four grinds, including a new Z Grind (a more forgiving low bounce option, with an aggressive leading-edge chamfer that improves turf interaction). There are 17 loft/bounce combinations per finish—Raw Face Chrome and Raw Black Plasma with True Temper’s Dynamic Gold Spinner steel shaft or the Project X Catalyst graphite shaft as the stock options along with Lamkin’s UTx Charcoal grip. For women, the wedges come with a UST Recoil shaft and Lamkin’s women’s Comfort grip. Cost is $179 in steel and $189 in graphite for each wedge.

Expanded Callaway Customs personalization options include up to 13 color options to choose from along with medallions, emojis and a variety of stampings for an additional cost.