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Burger King and Wendy's should allow Kevin Harlan to eat for free for life after his performance on Monday

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Rocky Widner

In the field of sports broadcasting, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone as enthusiastic about what they do as Kevin Harlan, (Jim Nantz at Augusta National is a close second). We've pointed this out recently in the past, like the time Harlan called a fan spilling their beer at a Bucks game with the same fervor he displayed in his legendary "WITH NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE!" call of LeBron James' dunk in the 2008 NBA Playoffs.

As good as his commentating of the actual game is though, it's the other moments, the beer spills, the ad reads and the play-by-play of drunk streakers where Harlan really shines. Where some commentators would see a break in the action, Harlan sees a chance to call more action even more aggressively, just like he did on Monday night during Game 2 of the Philadelphia 76ers-Brooklyn Nets first round playoff series. Here's Harlan late in the second quarter reading a promotion for Burger King's new "Angry Whopper":

That's just one person on Twitter saying they want an Angry Whopper now. Imagine the millions who thought the same thing when watching the game? If a fraction of those people go out and actually get it, Burger King is popping bottles. On Tuesday, it's going to be shared on social media non stop. Based off that, the BK Lounge should allow Harlan to eat free for life, or at the very least get a lifetime supply of Angry Whoppers. THE ANGRY WHOPPER. Rolls off the tongue.

Harlan wasn't done there, expanding his fast food horizons with a call of the Sixers arena promotion called the "Frosty Freezeout." As the promo reads, if a player from the opposing team misses two consecutive free throws, which the fans can help happen by "freezing out" the player (get it? freeze? frosty? cold? ANGRY WHOPPER? wait, sorry), they receive a free small frosty the following day at Wendy's. Late in the game, with the Sixers leading big, Nets shooting guard Treveon Graham stepped to the line and missed his first free throw, giving fans a chance to win the delicious chocolate-y treat we all love to dip our french fries in with another miss. Harlan seized the absolute shit out of the moment, per usual:

"SLURP IT ... AND ENJOY IT!" Is there anything this guy can't call? Hell, you could throw Harlan on the call for the Bass Pro Fishing finals and he'd make it sound like must-watch television. "HE'S REELING, HE'S REELING, THIS IS GONNA BE BIG ONE, AND HE PULLS IT UP!!! WITH NO REGARD FOR MARINE LIFE!!" Seriously, if Wendy's and BK don't let this guy munch on Angry Whoppers and slurp Frosty's for life they should be ashamed.