Travelers Championship

TPC River Highlands


Surveying The Experts

November 09, 2008

Length of a typical trip

Two days or less: 1%

Three days: 27%

Four days: 40%

Five or more days: 31%

Number of rounds

Two or fewer: 2%

Three to five: 57%

Six to eight: 32%

Nine to 11: 7%

Twelve or more: 2%

Average number of players:


Per-person cost, not including airfare

$500 or less: 29%

$501-$1,500: 59%

$1,501-$3,000: 11%

$3,001-$5,000: less than 1%

Favorite winter destinations

Favorite non-winter destinations

Where we'd go if money were no object

__The most important factor in deciding where we go __

Quality of courses: 42%

Price: 19%

Ease of travel: 15%

Weather: 11%

Closeness to our homes: 5%

Other: 8%

How the lodging works

All of us share rooms: 55%

Some share rooms, some don't: 36%

Single rooms only: 9%

Ideal evening entertainment

Watching TV, playing cards: 42%

Local bars: 23%

Casinos/gambling: 14%

"Gentlemen's clubs": 8%

Other: 13%

Per-day alcohol consumption

Two drinks or less: 12%

Three to six: 46%

Seven or more: 27%

No idea -- it's all a fog: 15%

How often I daydream about my next buddies trip

More than once a day: 17%

Once a week or more: 48%

Monthly: 25%

Quarterly: 7%

Never: 3%

Your spouse gives you a choice: If you take your annual buddies trip, you must agree to three straight weeks with no football viewing. Your reaction:

Book the tee times: 92%

You know football is a religion, right?: 8%

At the end of a typical trip, I'm feeling ...

Overgolfed: 11%

Sated and happy: 68%

Like I need more golf: 21%

Have friendships ended over something that happened on a buddies trip?

Yes: 6%

No: 70%

Bent but not broken: 24%

__The most anyone has lost gambling on a trip (average for all respondents): __


On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most intense, the competitiveness of the golf on the average trip:


__Top-five offenses that would get a person uninvited from next year's trip (ranked by number of mentions) __