Buckle up, reports are that Tiger, Tom, Peyton, and Phil will each play the 5th hole of The Match with a single club


Harry How

In case a charity match play event on basic cable in the middle of a sports-less wasteland pitting golf’s GOAT vs. football’s GOAT with the help of each’s arch rival wasn’t doing it for you, then we have good news, unquenchable adrenaline junkie: There’s more. Potentially much more, in fact.

According to Yahoo Sports on Tuesday, not only will The Match: Champions For Charity pit Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in a no-holds-barred battle for bragging rights of the galaxy, it will also throw in a few wrinkles, including a rule that players must survive Medalist's par-4 5th on Sunday with just a single club. Needless to say, this could get wonderfully, gloriously ugly, especially when you consider that the alternating shot portion of the event doesn’t even begin until the back nine.

If you’ve been paying attention to the McConaissance-like “Skins Game” revival over the past 18 months, you’ll remember a similar one-club challenge from the Japan Skins last fall. There Tiger pulled out a 4 iron and comfortably held his own, but that was then and this is now (and that was a par 5 and this is not.) Bring Phil’s shot-making ability into the mix and add two amateurs spraying it every way but the right one, and you have a pretty hearty entertainment stew going.

It remains to be seen whether there will be an additional purse for the hole or if it will be added to the props in time for you to make your own money off of it, but one thing is certain: It’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun . . . well, for us at least.