PGA Championship

Joe Buck to lead ESPN "Manningcast" for 2022 PGA Championship

May 06, 2022

Robert Beck

Joe Buck is returning to professional golf.

Buck, who quarterbacked FOX’s U.S. Open coverage from 2015 to 2019, will be leading an ancillary broadcast of the 2022 PGA Championship for ESPN.

The news, first reported by the New York Post, was confirmed by Buck on Twitter.

After a rough debut at the 2015 U.S. Open, the Buck-led FOX broadcast received positive reviews in the subsequent four U.S. Opens. FOX also earned acclaim for technical innovations in its broadcasts, including use of drone technology and shot-tracing capabilities that provided unique perspectives and pushed other networks to consider similar production improvements. However, FOX ended its USGA relationship in 2020, with the USGA media rights transferring to NBC Sports.

Buck, who left FOX Sports in March after 27 years with the network, will be making his ESPN debut with the alternate PGA broadcast. According to the Post the show will be delivered in the same style as the popular “Manningcast” that debuted on “Monday Night Football” last season; in fact Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions will be at the helm of the Buck-led broadcast. The Post also reports ESPN personality Michael Collins will be part of the broadcast along with “A list” guests.

The alternate broadcast will air all four days of the PGA Championship. While the first hour will air on ESPN, it will eventually transfer to ESPN2 and ESPN+ when traditional coverage begins.