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Bubba Watson and Matt Kuchar are celebrating birdies by...slapping each other in the face?

The team environment of the Ryder Cup, Presidents Cup and now the Zurich Classic has led to some great celebrations over the years, like Tiger and Matt Kuchar's "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" handshake in 2013:

Or, Phil Mickelson and Kevin Kisner's "Three Amigos" dance from last fall's Presidents Cup:

At the Ryder Cup, the celebrations are a little more serious, because, let's be honest, it's a more serious event. Jeff Overton's "BOOM BABY" in 2010 is all the evidence you need to prove that fact. While all of these celebrations were unique in their own right, we can confidently say that Bubba Watson and Matt Kuchar's birdie celebration this week at the Zurich Classic is the most unique one we've ever seen. No, it's not some sort of lame high five or awkward dance. They are literally slapping each other in the face. Not kidding:

During Thursday's best-ball format, the duo made five birdies, and have already made two on their opening nine of Friday's alternate-shot format. That's seven slaps in the face, and with presumably more to come, they better lighten up. Kuchar really gave Bubba a whack on one of those. There's also a point involved, which would lead one to believe this celebration is called "watch your mouth or you're getting soap in it", or something along those lines. Interesting stuff from two interesting guys, and a celebration we probably won't see topped anytime soon.