The People's Champ

U.S. Open 2024: Bryson DeChambeau continues quest to share the U.S. Open trophy with the entire planet on ‘The Tonight Show’


On Sunday, Bryson DeChambeau clinched the 2024 U.S. Open in dramatic fashion, bringing his long journey for a second major title to a close. But as soon as that quest ended, a new, even more ambitious mission began:

Let everyone on the planet touch the U.S. Open trophy.

In the hours following his decisive sand save, DeChambeau was seen sprinting around Pinehurst allowing fans to (literally) touch glory.

He shared the U.S. Open trophy with Johnson Wagner, who perfectly replicated DeChambeau’s 72nd-hole bunker shot, and with the locals in the neighborhood he stayed in all week.

He even enjoyed some vino with Eric Trump, using Golf’s Greatest Chalice as a stand-in decanter.

The scope of DeChambeau’s ambitions didn’t become clear until Monday night, however, when he interrupted Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ monologue to share the U.S. Open trophy with not just The Roots and Fallon, but the entire studio audience as well.

You love to see it. Sharing is caring. A rising tide lifts all boats. So on and so forth. Bryson DeChambeau isn’t just the 2024 U.S. Open champ—he’s the people’s champ and there’s fingerprints all over that shiny silver jug to prove it.