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U.S. Open 2024: ‘Big wine guy’ Bryson DeChambeau breaks down late night celebrating Pinehurst victory


Ross Kinnaird

It looks like chocolate milk wasn’t the only drink for Bryson DeChambeau after his second U.S. Open win. The two-time major winner started with the cocoa delicacy but soon moved on to more adult beverages as the night progressed. Signing everything in sight and filming as many TV interviews as possible has to be nearly as challenging as winning a major, so we totally understand why Bryson moved over to the stronger stuff.

After cleaning the trophy of any sand left over—DeChambeau tossed in a bit from the 18th bunker to save for later—the victor decided to forgo beer and vino it up after his come-from-behind championship.

“I actually did wine,” DeChambeau revealed on “The Pat McAfee Show.” “I’m a big wine guy. It was beautiful. Everyone drank out of it. I handed it around and it was a lot of fun. Everybody that was there, we celebrated accordingly. We had some champagne out of here too. We shot it around the room. It was fun.”

When asked if he wiped off the wine from the trophy before the champagne started flowing, DeChambeau responded that he’s “not that classy.” It was time for drinking, not for disinfecting.

The LIV golfer said back in 2020 that after wins, he doesn’t usually go for the alcohol: “I’ll party, but I won't drink. It's just not my style.” He looks to have loosened up the last few years with DeChambeau chugging a beer out of a shoe at the most recent LIV Adelaide event and with quite the alcohol-infused celebration (pictured below) after winning the 2023 LIV Golf Team Championship in Miami.


Cliff Hawkins

Despite the 12:30-ish Pinehurst departure, alcohol revelry and Johnson Wagner private lesson, DeChambeau still made it to the “Today Show” in New York on Monday morning. This man needs a nap and some ibuprofen, stat!

DeChambeau said as much to McAfee: “I’m a little wrecked right now, I’ll tell you that.”